New rug!!!

Guys! Something astounding has happened… We found a rug for our bathroom.  

Of course, it came from Target, and I found it after I had given up on their rug choices.  But I really like this one.  It comes in a few other sizes, and I grabbed it while it was on sale.  Here Is the link if you feel so compelled. 

Ta da!

I saw someone post this on their IG story (which, btw I LOVE!) and wanted to check it out for myself. It had the same look I wanted for the bathroom, sort of vintage but not an actual flat weave. Since we live in a rental I wasn’t really wanting to pay a ton of money for a vintage runner. Not sure if you know this but in Nashville, if you even so much as *hint* at the word vintage the cost goes up about a billion percent. People have excellent taste down here ūüôā

Another thing I love about this rug is that it has that odd shade of gray/green from the walls in it.  I have struggled with that paint color since moved in, but with the addition of the rug it finally makes sense.  Since the rug has some pink in it as well, it makes the pinkish tones of the tile work too.  But the last thing to do…

That vanity is getting it’s own post, but let’s just say I took an impromptu day to myself as the day to finally get that thing painted! It’s still a work in progress, but I’ll be posting more about it soon!

Thanks for reading!



I want a new rug

I’ve been itching to start writing here again. Today I thought I would talk about how insanely difficult it is for me to find rugs that I like for my own house.  

When we moved last year, the Moroccan shag rug that everyone and their grandmother has  is incredibly popular for good reason, is no longer cutting it for me.  It doesn’t fit in our living room and it fills my poor vacuum cleaner full of fuzz every single time I vacuum it.  I love it, but I feel it is time to move on to something a little less fuzzy.  No clue what I want for in here…

(The Darth Vader puzzle on the table is by far my favorite element in this room. Real life, people.  Real life:) )

Next is the hall bath.  This is in a boy’s bathroom, has a busy tile pattern, and the gap at the bottom of the door and the floor doesn’t allow for a thick rug.  No clue what I want for in here…

Then there is our bathroom. I actually have an idea of what I want, but I can’t find it.  Several months back, I found this on, but but when it got here it was AWFUL.  (Funny, since am still getting likes on that picture from when I posted it on Instagram). I sent that back so now we are back to no rug. 

The only place I do know what I want, is in the master bath closet.  We have a really nice sized closet (that is totally not being utilized the way it could be, but I’ll save that for it’s own post) and I want a rug for in there just to warm it up some.  I am not really a fan of ceramic tile like we have in there, but it’s a rental so I have to work with it.  I would love to see a leopard runner for the closet.  

I like this one from Dash & Albert, but I am always on the hunt for one that is a great bargain!

Those are just a few thoughts kicking around.  Not sure if any new rugs are in our immediate future, but I’ll keep you updated!

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Dining Chairs – Time to get serious…

If you know me, you know that I have a chair obsession. I love chairs.  If I had the space, I would buy all the chairs.  Having this particular quirk makes it hard to narrow down what to buy when it comes time to actually replace something. The dining chairs we have now are a bit sad…

Gads.  This is actually the chair our son sits in, which is why it has been picked to death.  Gross.

Our dining room is on the smaller size, and the table has to sit right in front of the doors out to the patio.  Only one of them open, but it opens in, so we have to be careful about the size of the chairs.  Also, we have to be careful about the actual material that is used.  Fabric (even if it is Sunbrella) is a no.  Metal was knixed by the hubby.  Wood is a no for the same reason leather is a no…there is a possibility of it getting chewed up.  So, that really leaves only one option, which thankfully, is the direction I wanted to go anyway. I am leaning toward this chair.

I know…they have been done to death, but does a classic design ever really go out of style? I think not.  Plus I just love these and I think they would look really great with our existing West Elm table. (Note about that table…it was the very first piece of furniture my husband and I bought when we moved out of our first apartment.  We have had that table for nine years and it is just now starting to show it’s age.  I noticed the top is starting to bubble.  Time to start using coasters!)

Can you see those chairs with this table? I sure can!!  Not sure when we will actually buy them, but at least I have it narrowed down, right?  Also, I read This article today.  Just sealed the deal.

Since we are talking about the dining area, I thought I’d show my favorite corner of our house as of now.  This is the fiddle leaf fig that I bought last year in Atlanta when I went to the Design Bloggers Conference.  This plant was purchased the same day I had the pleasure of meeting Nate Berkus (should have named it Nate or something, but all of my house plants are named after Harry Potter characters.  This one is Remus Lupin.)  So it is kind of like my souvenir of that whole experience.  It has outgrown the barstool that it used to sit on and I had to do a plant stand rearrangement. I like how this woven piece looks in this corner, and it is light enough to move it Remus Lupin needs more light.  

That is all for now.  This week the umbrella fiasco should finally be finished and I think we have found some chairs for the patio, but we are still discussing that one. 

Thanks for reading!

Under My Umbrella

Work on the patio/yards continues.  Sunday we decided that we really needed to add some sort of shade offering device out there.  We have a few in stock umbrellas at my store, one of which I have had my eye on since we designed it.  I’m not going to lie, it is a splurge.  But I figure this piece will be used quite often out there and since we are not going to invest in good furniture I could at least splurge for a good umbrella.  Here is what I picked:

This is a 9′ push button tilt umbrella from Treasure Garden. There was a tad bit of a debacle with the base though, which is why I am not showing an actual action shot of the umbrella on the patio.  We don’t stock bases in our store, so I had to go buy one.  I thought that would be a piece of cake and grabbed one on sale at Target. Well.  Let me be the first to tell you not to waste your money or time on any of those Threshold bases they have, even though they are on sale and there is a 20% off Cartwheel right now.  The base I bought was a concrete base, but the two screws that were supposed to offer support for this very heavy umbrella screwed into plastic.  So that crap was stripped as soon as the umbrella was placed.  I needed a base suitable for a freestanding umbrella, and unfortunately those were not going to cut it.  So I broke down and ordered the base that you see in the picture, which is also from Treasure Garden.  

While I was at Target stressing over the bases, I also grabbed this table:


As I mentioned, there was a 20% off Cartwheen going on for all Threshold items.  Plus it was on sale already (looks like it still is) and I have a Red Card so I got another 5% off.  It came to around $60 or so after all of the discounts.  It is actually really cute, and I like the look.  It will look really nice when our umbrella is set up.  The base should arrive Friday, and I am really excited about that! I never knew I could get so excited about an umbrella! 

I am hopeful that we will have the umbrella up and working by the weekend.  I am ready to spend more time out there! I have started cleaning out the flower beds and planning my planting, but I am focusing on the patio first.  As more updates occur, I will keep posting.

Thanks for reading!

Project Pitiful Patio

I hate to say it for fear of jinxing it, but I think we might actually have spring back in Nashville. We had a bit of a crazy winter (more snow in one weekend than we normally get in an entire year) and then the flip flop between seasons. I am officially in the throes of Spring Fever, and have set my sights on something I wanted to do last year but wasn’t able to: Spruce up our back patio.

Guys. I don’t know if you remember this, but last summer I got a job.  I have never really gone into it in detail here, so I guess it is sorta time.  I am a Design Consultant at an amazing place called Summer Classics.  We design and manufacture outdoor furniture and we also have an interior line (which is called Gabby.  If you are a designer, you know Gabby). So all day I design amazing patios and outdoor spaces for other people and then I come home to this:

So yeah.  It’s time to get serious about this patio.  Seating, a rug to make the slab more comfortable to walk on or sit on so my son can actually play on it, plants galore.  That’s what I am thinking.  Comfort is key, and then I’ll make it look pretty.  

Now since I work at a place that makes the absolute best patio furniture (style and quality) one would think that it would be a piece of cake to outfit this patio to the nines.  I guess if this house wasn’t a rental it would be easier…but it is a rental and we honestly don’t want to invest the money into a set of furnishings that might not work when we finally do decide to buy a house.  The furniture we design is built to LAST, so I want to make sure it can travel with us.  Our little slab is too small for what I really want:

This sectional and lounge chair, but in the dark Black Walnut finish and some great pillows and cushions. This is called Rustic, and it is a top five best seller at work.  Maybe one day…

For now I am going to go a little more simple.  Here is a little idea board I whipped up…

Not sure if this is the actual idea that will happen, but this is what I am kicking around in my head right now.  The fire pit we have, and the table we have and I would really like to keep it, but maybe repaint it.  It is fading.  But I love it.  The rug (and Pouf) are from Dash and Albert, which is one of our favorite vendors at work.  The chairs are from World Market, but I don’t know if we will get them or not.  I also want to do a ton of work on the landscaping, which might take up most of my time/budget.  I don’t know if you guys are reading Deuce Cities Henhouse, (and if you aren’t you should be) but my girl Scoops knows her garden stuff.  I credit her (and my MIL) for my interest/love/ability in gardening.  I mean look at this yard…


                                                                               (Both images via Deuce Cities Henhouse)

GARDEN GOALS.  Just looking at this makes me want to grab a shovel and start digging.

Anyway, that is the latest project I am kicking around.  Just trying to get the yard a snazzy for spring and summer.  Since I have lived here one gardening season, I know what works and what to change. If I make any progress on this project, I will be sure to post!

Thanks for reading!

One Room Challenge – Week Five

Welcome to Week Five of the One Room Challenge, hosted by Linda from Calling It Home. ¬†Not much has gone on as far as work in the bathroom, which is part of the reason I don’t have a week four post.

Here is the deal, I am supposed to be off two days during the week, but a celebrity opened a boutique right next to my shop, and we have been in Get Ready For Her Grand Opening mode. That on top of our store getting a remodel, and setting the floor for Christmas. So I have been going in on my days off. (Much like the next two days, where I am usually off but will be working a double shift today and all day tomorrow. This is when it is helpful to be in love with what you do!) It’s been tiring.

I did manage to squeeze in one glorious day off that I had planned on doing absolutely nothing, but instead I finished trimming the bathroom, finished the hall outside of the bathroom, and after noticing how much paint I had left, and it was only taking one coat (!!!), I then decided to paint my living room, the entry, the kitchen, and the dining room.  Told you guys the other day, I am not meant to be a lady of leisure :).


I also did the unthinkable. ¬†I splurged on that shower curtain from Anthro! And by splurged, I mean of course, saw it on sale for almost $20 off and then asked the girl at the counter if she could give me another discount since I’m all designerey and junk. That didn’t work… But I’ve got my show stopping shower curtain.


And I hate it with the floor.


I’m not taking it back though. ¬†I really like the curtain, and even though the pattern is quite busy, I really like the colors. I am just going to get a rug for the floor, since it really needs one anyway.

So that was week four.

On to this week. ¬†The room is supposed to be done next week. ¬†With the reveal photos and all. ¬†Not going to happen. ¬†I don’t think… It still needs a mirror, shelves, towels, hooks and bars, and a little personality. ¬†So me thinks that a few more Thursday’s are in order for this bathroom to come together!

I still plan on working on it to see what I can get accomplished by next week.  I am just not going to rush the mirror, since that is a pretty big piece.   Hopefully my usual shopping haunts will be kind to me!

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Notice anything different?

Hello there, friends.  You may see a few changes around the ole blog over the next few weeks.  Mainly that it is completely different.

Allow me to explain.  This time last year I was super gung ho about starting my own design business and working for myself.  I put a lot of work into Canyon Interior Design.  After we moved, my flow kind of got screwed up.  That is a polite way of stating that I got sick and burned out on interiors and became fascinated with exterior design and patios. Our son was about to start school full time, and I knew it was time for me to really decide if I wanted to persue my own little business or what.  After our son and I took an impromptu vacation to Florida with my family, I came back with an even greater love of all things outdoors.  Being at the beach will do that to you, right? I knew I wanted to work, because I am just not cut out to be a lady of leisure, so I told my husband, I will look for a job in design but it has to be a knock my socks off opportunity with flexible hours and great people.

And I found it. (Or maybe, it found me?)

Its funny though, because it happened so quickly.  I mean, literally right after I said that to my husband, I googled Design Consultant and the first position that popped up was exactly what I wanted.  I was still a little nervous about entering the job force after my seven year sabbatical. Fast forward two months, and I have been working there part time and loving every second of it.  I am doing exactly what I want to do.  Trust me, I realize that I am very fortunate to be able to type those words, and to actually mean it.

So after all that, I decided to change the blog up.  I am no longer using it as a marketing tool for Canyon, but a fun little spot for me to drone on about my house and whatever design related goodness I come across.   Since I take clients at work, I will have a few projects to add here as well, if they allow!

Well, that is where we are right now.  I realize that I owe you guys a Week Four update on the one room challenge, but I missed the deadline for the link up (doh!). I might just skip week four and do week five this week.  Spoiler alert: not much has happened.  But we will get to that later in the week!

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